Bargaining Updates

On June 4, 2024, we will begin bargaining talks with Cornell University. Stay tuned for updates here.

When the contract expires, you're still protected! Find out more about your rights when working on an expired contract.

Returning to the table...

Brothers, Sisters, and Siblings,



Table Table Table!

Sisters, Brothers, and Siblings,

Today at the table!

Sisters, Brothers, and Siblings,

Today we once again met with the University for more robust questions and answers about their economic proposals. The pressure was on; we put the screws on the University to answer the demands of our membership! Travis pointed out a disparity. Why do FCS Grounds get a clothing allowance when SCL Athletics and Facilities performing similar jobs do not? Mark asked the same question for FCS Mechanics (who get clothing allowance) and SCL Mechanics (who do not).


Sisters, Brothers, and Siblings,

Today we researched and strategized for a good part of the day in order to formulate questions and create talking points for table discussion. We met with the University to have several of our previous questions answered in the afternoon.

Sisters, brothers, and siblings,

Your bargaining committee met with the university today and we discussed their response to our economic package that didn't come close to meeting our membership needs and expectations.

We went through each of their rejected demands line by line and asked direct questions regarding their attitude of dismissal for our proposals. These questions Included why Veterans Day with pay was rejected for Veterans, why our parking proposal was rejected, why Dining and other Student Campus Life (SCL) clothing allowances were rejected.

Your bargaining committee met with the University. We spoke to the University about the issues with Veterans. The University is paying the Police Union, yet they refuse our proposal. We questioned them on their comments on why the Police get it off with pay and not the UAW.


Your Bargaining Committee met with the University today for six hours. The University came in with the same usual answers and no current response to our economic demands. Then the University came in with “answers” about the cell-phone policy - your committee is remaining firm on getting a resolve to the issues affecting members.

Sisters, Brothers and Siblings,

As you know, our contract expired 11:59 p.m., June 30, 2024. We are currently bargaining and working without a contract. Learn more from the FAQ on the website, or reach out to your Zone Rep or the Local 2300 office @ (607)-272-4108 if you have any questions.

Today at bargaining, we moved closer on language that would centralize clothing and shoe allowances under Article 17 REQUIRED APPAREL and moved out of subcouncils. This will make it fairer for everyone who receives allowances and will not negatively impact any current allowances.

Sisters, Brothers and Siblings,

Today was a big day.

We submitted 41 pages of economic demands, including 7 pages devoted entirely to ARTICLE 36, WAGES, to which Cornell demanded detailed justifications!  Let's be clear — this proposal includes COLA plus 46% General Wage Increase, amongst other things to lift our members up! 

We received a counter proposal from Cornell for ARTICLE 13, HEALTH AND SAFETY, for additional training.

Cornell ended our session before caucus by requesting a contract extension again, which received the same response—"NO!"