2019 Women's Conference - Region 9

The 2019 International UAW Women's Conference was held at the Walter and May Reuther UAW Education Center, July 28 - August 2, 2019. This conference always exceeds expecations, the Sisters and Brothers who attend  give so much of themselves and are so eager to get back to their locals and share all the valuable information which was learned not only in the plenaries and classrooms but from each other.

Many thanks to Vice President -  Cindy Estrada who heads the Women's Department and gives us all such inspiration, insight and tools to achieve what we need to be doing. Thanks also to Krista Szafranki who works with VP Estrada in putting this inspiring conference together each year and the continued commitment of the Women's Advisory Council, for their support, dedication and hardwork which makes this Conference such a success and it continues to be full to capacity with waiting lists each year! 

The wisdom of the one and only Dottie Jones who energizes us with power and history which  can never be duplicated. The fireside chat grows each year, listening to the stories and interaction of all the delegates leaves us with encouragement and purpose to move forward.

This year we were also honored to have  Connie Schultz  an incredibe speaker and journalist who could have filled an entire day with her wisdom and real life experiences and we would have wanted more!

Director Bev Brakeman, Region 9a took time from her very busy schedule to join us with her enthusiasm encouragement and vision for all the delegates to build off from. 

 Region 9 had nine delegates attend who are all on the Women's Committee of their locals, Director Binz and Asst. Director Ashton give thanks to them and the Locals who support this conference  for their attendance and their commitment to this committee. Keep up the amazing  work you all do! Looking forward to next year!!

The Delegates in attendance are as follows:
Mary Saveri - LU677, Sandra Rich - LU686, Judy Shaddock - LU686, Amy Kloc - LU774,
Bernadette Ford - LU774, Katrina Hill - LU1097, Grace Ann Stulpin - LU1097, 
Stacie McKernan - LU 774 - Women's Advisory Council - Chair

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Region 9 Delegates 2019 Women's Conference