When: Monday, Sep 28, 2020 - Friday, Oct 30, 2020, (All day)

2020 UAW-LUCA Excellence in Communication Contest

Who is invited to the LUCA Contest

Communication with our members in today’s ever-changing world is more important than ever. This conference is for all union communicators.

 Who is a UAW communicator? A UAW member who has...

  • Edited or helped produce a local union newsletter, website or social media page or texting program such as Facebook, Twitter, Solid Web, Mobile Commons, etc.
  • Produced a video or taken photos for a local
  • Talked about issues that concern UAW members to a local community or political group, or the media.
  • Addressed a public meeting as a representative of the UAW.
  • Written a letter about issues of working men and women to the editor of your community newspaper or another outlet.

 There is no Contest Fee

 Please click on link below for LUCA Call Letter with complete contest info: