2021 United Way Endorsement

                                                                             August 23, 2021

TO: All UAW Local Unions

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
Creating and maintaining strong and vibrant communities is a labor of love, requiring a commitment to work together toward the betterment of humankind. Our UAW family has proudly partnered with the United Way to accomplish great work in our communities throughout the decades.

The partnership between the United Way and the labor movement began as an effort to help rebuild the nation after World War II. Over 80 years later, we find ourselves once again navigating unprecedented times. Over the years, millions of union members have worked collectively to invest in their communities, volunteer, and advocate to ensure the most vulnerable families have access to much-needed resources. Today, the short- and long-term challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic have created an even greater need for assistance.

Your support enables the United Way to help in a multitude of recovery efforts such as food distribution to students affected by school closures, increasing the availability of shelter beds for people experiencing homelessness and lacking a safe haven, assisting with operational funding gaps for health and human service agencies, addressing the loss of income and access to services for vulnerable populations, and supporting college students who face barriers as they complete their education.
The UAW proudly endorses and supports the work of the United Way and its worksite giving campaigns, in which I greatly encourage you to be a part of. We are stronger together and united we thrive.

Thank you for your continued support.
In solidarity,
Ray Curry, President
International Union, UAW

cc: International Executive Board
Tim Bressler, Chief of Staff
Todd Brien, Executive Administrative Assistant
David Stalnaker, Top Administrative Assistant
Ruthann Hande, Director of Education
Tracy Romero, Assistant Director of Education

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2021 United Way Endorsement