2017 Leadership Conference Cape May, NJ

Region 9 Leadership Conference was held in beautiful Cape May, NJ beginning on August 20 through August 24, 2017.

 Director Terry Dittes  made it his priority that all Delegates in attendance of the Region 9 Leadership Conference would have a great experience and take back to their membership the knowledge and education from our Special guests, Politicians and International Staff which was invaluable.

 We had the honor of having many International Executive Board members in attendance which included; Dennis Williams, President- Gary Casteel, Financial Secretary Treasure- Cindy Estrada, Vice President UAW-GM Department, Norwood Jewell, Vice President, Chrysler/Heavy Truck.

 We also had the pleasure and wisdom of Gary Jones, Director Region 5 and his goals and visions for that region as well as valuable information for all UAW members.

 We had International Staff from Detroit from all departments who shared with us the importance of having a functioning Local, some workshops included, Standing Committees conducted by Ruthann Hande, Education Director, Jim Gallagher, Administrative Assistant to Dennis Williams on the Constitution and appeals, Michael Glenning, Administrative Assistant to the President and Gaming Director who spoke of the past and present organizing drives in gaming,  and George Nalevanko and Irene Poray, Auditors who challenged our knowledge with a Jeopardy game!

We also had a workshop that included a film and discussion on “A Day’s Work” which opened our eyes with what is happening and why to temp workers.

 Our guest speaker Politicians in attendance  give us information on what is currently going on and what we can do to better help labor.

 Our conference would not be complete without inspiration from Joe Ashton, Retired Vice President.

Director, Terry Dittes made sure the Delegates and their guests had a week that far exceeded anyones expectations!  We gained knowledge, education, experience, a total Eclipse of the Sun and a rainbow, to mention only a few, who else could have planned all of this for a Leadership Conference! 

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2017 Cape May Leadership Conference