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Local 774 Labor News & Report (May/June 2015 issue)

Wednesday, July 15th., 2015 at Union Hall Read more >>>

Classic Car Show on September 6th., 2015 at Niwanda Park, Tonawanda Read more >>>

Local 2367 "Good New from Local 2367" - June 2015

UAW Local 2300 is pleased to invite you to
attend our 35th Anniversary celebration of
representing the Working Class!
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This is a sad day for our democracy. The United States House of Representatives turned their backs on the American people and voted to not do their job. Instead, they surrendered their constitutional authority to the executive branch for the next six years for all free trade agreements. This terrible “Fast Track” bill is designed to... Read more >>>

Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Michigan is offerring special rates for GM Employees. Read more >>>

Local 774 Family Picnic at Martin's Fantasy Island

Applications for the 2015 WNY CAP Scholarship can be obtained at UAW Local 774 Hall or call UAW Region 9 at 632-1540. You may also download a pdf file from the UAW Local 774 "Education" section on this page or follow the link below.



A website has been created in honor of our fallen brother, former Region 9 Director Thomas M. Fricano.


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Labor News & Report March/April 2015

Congress is preparing to pass another trade provision that will eliminate more American manufacturing jobs! Washington insiders want to pass Fast Track quickly and quietly, despite the fact that most Americans know trade deals eliminate American jobs. Read more >>>

View the latest Labor News & Report January 2015

Gate Collection Raises $4,612 for area veterans.

Region 9 Retiree Council Chairpersons and Region 9 Active Retiree Chapter Chairperson



The December 21 Membership has been changed to December 14th.

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View the latest pictures from Local 774's summer events.


St. Joseph Guild will be sponsoring a Labor Day Blessing of the Tools of the Trade. Read more >>>



Saving trees and member dollars: Get the electronic version of Solidarity magazine

UAW Leagal Services will end December 31, 2013

V-CAP is the UAW’s political action fund made up of voluntary contributions from UAW members, retirees and their families. The money is used to support pro-worker political candidates who have earned the endorsement of the UAW Community Action Program (CAP). 

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At a special convention held on March 26, 2014 in Buffalo New York Terry was elected Director of UAW Region 9. Read more >>>

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