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Graduate employees commend administration behavior as state labor board confirms majority support

HARTFORD, Conn. — University of Connecticut (UConn) graduate student employees won union recognition today after the State Board of Labor Relations (SBLR) verified that a super majority of the workers signed cards authorizing the Graduate Employee Union/United Auto Workers (GEU-UAW) to represent them in collective bargaining.

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  • DATE -       WEDNESDAY , JULY 16TH. 2014
  • TIME -        GATES OPEN AT 11:00 AM - LUNCH 12PM - DINNER 5:00 PM
  • PRICE -      $20.00 PER PERSON DONATON 

UAW Local 774 donates $15,236 for this year's Variety Kids Telethon, supporting Women's and Children's Hospital in Buffalo.  THANK YOU...  to UAW Local 774's membership, active and retired! Once again, this was outstanding!


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UAW Local 774 Labor News & Report

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Local 774 Labor News & Report

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Local 774 Labor News & Report

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UAW Leagal Services will end December 31, 2013

Presendent's Update for October, 2013

Watch as we celebrate 75 years at Tonawanda Engine Plant

The Affordable Care Act. Health Reform. Obamacare. Whatever you'd like to call it, it's going to mean something very tangible for millions of Americans. Read more >>>

The good old U.S. of A needs the jobs!!! We all need to pitch in!

President Local 774 Guy Newell 

September Update

75th Anniversary Books On Sale NOW

JOIN US at the AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Parade starts at noon!

Sisters and Brothers,
If you read anything, make it this article.
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Sisters and Brothers,
One of the core beliefs of unionism is that all work has dignity and all work deserves respect. It is also a core belief that ALL PEOPLE deserve dignity and respect. It is from these basic beliefs that UAW Local 774 was established in 1941.
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Where: Manor Lanes

Sheridan Drive

Tonawanda, NY

Time: 4:30p.m.

Start date: Monday, September 9, 2013

PLEASE JOIN REGION 9 and area Locals in this historic event!

SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

3 - 9p.m.

$25 Donation per ticket

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View the latest issue of the Labor News & Report

Vehicle Registration Form for this year's

25th Annual UAW/GM All American Car Show & Auto Expo 2013

Saturday, August 24th, 2013

9am. - 4p.m.

DETROIT – We commend President Obama for his leadership and support for the U.S. auto industry. His actions helped prevent a second Great Depression, saving more than a million American jobs in the process. Domestic automakers have pledged investment in U.S. plants through 2015 that will mean more than 40,000 direct manufacturing jobs in the United States.

The renewed American automotive industry is now America’s No. 1 export sector. The Obama administration, American workers and retirees, and the U.S. automotive industry made tough choices and sacrifices to make this turnaround possible. The automobile sector supports over 3 million good-paying jobs in assembly plants, auto parts manufacturing, repair shops, dealerships and other supporting businesses nationwide. In 2012, U.S. automotive exports totaled $133 billion, an increase of more than $17 billion (14 percent) over 2011. Domestic manufacturing has long been the foundation of a strong middle class, and the automobile industry is the one of the most critical for U.S. manufacturing.

Under the president’s leadership, we are implementing higher fuel efficiency standards from 2017-2025, effectively doubling vehicle fuel efficiency, drastically reducing carbon emissions and creating several hundred thousand jobs. About 50,000 of these jobs will be in auto parts manufacturing and vehicle assembly alone.

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From all reports we’ve seen, President Obama is going to propose a budget plan this week that is unprecedented for a Democratic president. It will propose a cut to Social Security benefits for seniors, veterans and people with disabilities.

It appears the proposed cut will take the form of “chained” CPI—a discredited way of calculating annual cost-of-living increases that does not keep up with actual costs, eating into benefits.

But there’s more. The president’s budget proposal also would require middle-class seniors—people who make $47,000 a year and more—to pay higher Medicare premiums.

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Applications for the

2013 WNY CAP Scholarship

can be obtained at Local 774 Union Hall

(or call UAW Region 9 at 632-1540)

UAW 774 Raises $13,280 for the

Women's & Children's Hospital-Variety Kids Telethon.

CWA-Represented Kenmore Mercy Hospital Nurses Back At The Negotiating Table After Holding Informational Picket Outside Kenmore Mercy Hospital

Chairman's Report

by Bob Coleman, Shop Chairman

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by Guy Newell

Local 774 President

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LN&R Jan/Feb issue

Profit Sharing into the Pesonal Savings Plan (PSP)

The Nancy Grace Show (CNN) will be dedicating the last 5 minutes of her show to our military hero's.

Please watch her show on January 21, from 8 - 9p.m.

The last 5 minutes will be dedicated to

LCPL Timothy Giles Serwinowski (1988 - 2010)

UAW Local 774 Women's Committee

"All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast"

plus Wence's famous French Toast!

UAW Local 774 Labor News & Report

December 2012

 Reduce insurance Costs by 10%

 Classes are free to all Active, Inactive, Retired Members and their Spouses.

  • You can Help!

UAW Region 9 announces Hurricane Sandy Relief effort on behalf of our affected Region 9 members, their families and their communities.  Our Region 9 membership in New Jersey  still struggles after the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy on their lives and finances.  UAW Region 9 asks all members to consider their fellow Brothers & Sisters in need this Holiday Season.

For more information please click on the "Read More" link below.

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TOMORROW, Wednesday, Dec. 12th

DETROIT – Even after Chrysler Corp.'s Gualberto Ranieri, vice president of communications, said Friday, “Let's set the record straight: Jeep has no intention of shifting production of its Jeep models out of North America to China,” the Romney campaign put out a false and misleading ad basically repeating his bogus statement made Thursday in Ohio that Chrysler was moving all Jeep production to China.

Author Greg Palast, in his book, "Billionaires and Ballot Bandits," examines the role Mitt Romney played in the Delphi bailout and how he and other economic vultures made millions as the storied parts supplier went into and came out of bankruptcy. In this video, Palast tells how Mitt and Ann Romney made at least $15 million from the carcass of Delphi and as much as $115 million.  

It also shows how Romney's cronies made more than $4 billion off the bankruptcy. These same billionaires also contributed millions to his presidential campaign. 

UAW Region 9/WNY Community Action Program - Veterans Committee donate new Chevrolet van to area Veterans Hospital.

DETROIT -- Two days after GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a crowd near Toledo, Ohio, that Chrysler was moving all Jeep production to China, the GOP candidate appears to be unfazed by his incorrect remarks and remains mum on the subject..  Read more >>>

(Event flier, pdf)

UAW President Bob King will rally with workers and respected leaders from across the country ?to express their support for Sensata workers facing outsourcing by Bain Capital. Read more >>>

Thank You Letter from Boston College Swimming to President Guy Newell and Local 774.

Labor 2012 -

*Upcoming Campaign Activities*

Veterans from Bath VA Hospital enjoyed Fishing at Keuka Lake

2012 AFL-CIO Labor Day Parade

Buffalo, New York


Region 9 will be running phone banks for the Primary Elections for Senator Time Kennedy in the 63rd District and Assemblyman Sean Ryan in the 149th district. Times for phone banks are 12 - 2 and 5 - 7pm. the locations is the UAW Region 9 Offices.


  • Event Sanctioned by USATF

Shop Chairman's Report and Labor Day Message

August 24, 2012

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Traveling Wall

Jennie Cyran Benefit

(family of local 774 member)

Benefit Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Copy and paste this link into your browser to watch the 30-sec teaser that will be aired several times on Ch.’s 4 & CW23 throughout next week to promote the show.

  • Thursday, August 30, 2012
  • Chestnut Hill Country Club
  • 1330 Broadway
  • Darien, New York

UAW GM All American Classic Car Show & Auto Expo


“Safe Jobs Save Lives – Keep the Promise Alive.”


Join Local 774 Standing Committee Now!

Get Involved with YOUR local!


Thank you Letters from our Military Men and Women who received gift packages from Local 774 Veterans Committee

Read the latest Labor News & Report

April / May issue

Food Service Line worker speaks for the 99% movement and union workers do a line dance to NY NY.


LOCAL 774 attends the "We are the 99%" rally at the Buffalo Post Office

Local 774 Labor News & Report

Scholarship winner receives $500 Scholarship from the Variety Club Telethon/Local 774 Read more >>>

Grassroots Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand, D-NY, Calls for US action to end Chinese Trade practices that hurt American auto parts manufacturing. Read more >>>

V-CAP is the UAW’s political action fund made up of voluntary contributions from UAW members, retirees and their families. The money is used to support pro-worker political candidates who have earned the endorsement of the UAW Community Action Program (CAP). 

Click "Read More" for more information...


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What Is the GimmeFIVE Program?

It is an exciting new member mobilization program the UAW has developed to recruit and engage members to organize, build power and win justice for our union and community.

The program simply asks our members to re-commit to the union by devoting five hours of volunteer time in the following areas: organizing, mobilizing ans political action.  Each time you complete a task, you will be rewarded for your hard work with a new button.  The goal is to collect all five buttons.

The website will help you connect with other registered members to find out about events and other ways to help you complete your hours for each category.


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Shop Chairman's Report January 13, 2012 Read more >>>

We take you behind the scenes and show you all that goes into making one of our more popular engines, the L-850.

Effective June 1, 2011, you must complete an Authorization For Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) form.


At a special convention held on March 26, 2014 in Buffalo New York Terry was elected Director of UAW Region 9. Read more >>>

Volunteers needed to join our Local 774 Standing Committees.

You must be a dues paying member in order to join a Committee.

Applications available at the Union Hall.

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